My Journey into AIESEC so far

When I joined university, after 2 weeks of classes, a friend of mine suggested me to take a look into AIESEC – which apparently to him was an International organization, but one which he did not know much about.

As I eventually got through screening and ‘Team’s Days’ where candidates were tested for patience, skills, knowledge, competency, determination and their leadership skills.

Then came the interview part – the part I dreaded the most because I was never good at speaking for myself. I got through it as well, and before I knew it, 10months had passed by, and during this course, I had attended 1 National Conference, 1 International Conference, was part of multiple organizing teams of projects and events, made some 40 new friends within my LC and some 150 friends all over the Asia Pacific region and soon will be fighting in next month’s Local Congress, in other words Election, to determine the EB of our LC BRACU for the term 2010-2011.

I have learnt a lot so far. Learnt that not only planning but execution plays a key part in the results as well. Learnt that there is no end to learning. Learnt that it takes time for change to come, but at the end it does occur. Learnt that being a part of an organization brings great priviledges as well as responsibilites.

I am glad that I am a part of such a beautiful organization.


P.S. I am an AIESEC’er


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