Lcong updates, Cira and Jamie, sad and happy times


Finally I am done with the 20 pages manifesto of LCVP ICX Development 2010-11. Election day is Saturday, 15th May, 2010. It was a great relief as I attached my manifesto and the rest of the documents and sent them to the Election Commission. That’s something I won’t forget or miss. The manifesto kept me awake for countless nights not to mention the daytime ‘day-mares’ I had thinking of the post election screening! I worked really hard during the preparations. But even if I do not make it as the LCVP ICX, I suppose I can rest assured that the LCP elect and the EC will select someone who’s hardworking and even better than me. After all, we are all working towards one goal – a LC with good exchanges and @ xp! I really hope we are going to have a even better term next year.

It was so great talking to Cira after such a long time. We met at APXLDS 2010 in Taiwan after Gala Night and had coffee at 7-11 where we had an amazing sharing of stories. And its great that we became good friends after only 4hours of conversation. She’s a really caring person and a good friend. Though she is a bit worried about life and stuff currently, I really hope she gets over it. Because nothing is worse than seeing your friend sad, and not being able to do anything for her.But we had a good time, laughed while recalling the time when at 3am in the morning, the shopkeeper came up to us and told her in chinese, ‘Can you two please leave? I have to ‘pee’ so i will lock the shop for a few minutes!’ lol that was so hilarious and Cira translated it to me with such a serious facial expression as if something bad had happened! haha funny times.

Speaking of being sad, I am really feeling sorry for Jamie, when she told me that she couldn’t get elected as the OGX VP. She is from NTU LC along with Yvette, Ginger, Kelvin and Julie. I felt kinda bad myself because I always pushed her to go forward for the xp and the knowledge. But I am know how it felt when she get elected. I am always dreaded by the same thought.
I am really worried for her, because she completely broke down. She worked really hard and I wish I was there for her speech so that I could judge myself. Actually it hurts a lot when all your hardwork doesnt yield any results.

More later


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