I hate TARC and nothingness of the situation :(

I can’t believe that just last day, I was so hyped up about Local Congress and about my performance. 24 hrs down the lane, I am nowhere near the jubilant state I was in.

As mentioned earlier, the elections were suppossed to be held on the 14th of May 2010. So I had planned to join TARC after the Election Day, because the schedules didn’t clash. But last Tuesday, the plan suddenly changed and they decided to change the date of the Local Congress to the 15th of May, 2010.

I thought that I will not be barred from any administrative rules, but unfortunately, the Pro Vice Chancellor wont allow me to skip the orientation unless I get a recommendation from my department’s head. And unfortunately no one was present in my department today.

So as a result, here I sit in front of my computer, and have informed Jui Apu and Jawad Bhaiya about my decision to back off from the elections. Because it is impossible for me to come to the capital for the elections.

I know I sound very blunt and not like myself, but this is just because of the irony of the situation. I know maybe I am not competent enough to be the VP but I worked really hard getting prepared for the Local Congress. Months and weeks of preparation. And finally just 2days before the event, I have to back off myself, on my own choice.

Still I am grateful to JB and Jui Apu for reminding me why I am an AIESEC’er!


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