Self realization and bad news and TARC life

Global Musksteers

I know I was vague in my last post. Actually I was so pissed about getting my interview screwed up that I stopped thinking rationally. How could I be so foolish and leave such a big flaw in my plans? I completely forgot about the fact that during the 3months I will be away for TARC. I had a buffer plan in my head that I will get my plans executed through Kalvy and Nidal. But I forgot that if DG is elected as the LCP, he will look for individuals who can give their 100% time to AIESEC BU. Which unfortunately I won’t be able to give with me spending 3months in TARC. Actually it doesn’t seem like a waste now that I am cool and am thinking rationally. I believe that I can perform much better if I become LCVP next term and also I will be a Team Member of AIESEC International’s IT Global Support Team, the ‘Global Musketeers’. And my LC members and friends are really happy about me. Musketeer work hasn’t started yet but I hope I can live up to it. I felt bad after last evening’s interview because I realized that I won’t get selected as LCVP. But I was consoling myself that I can manage to go to IC as an AI member. But David, David Benjamin, AP Director of AI messaged me saying that he asked around office and he reckons that I will not be eligible to go to IC. IC would have been a great experience, since it’s the meet of all the MC’s and LCP and the leaders of AIESEC world. And also it would be held in Hyderabad, India. But I think the last hope of going to IC has been sealed for me =(

I am not worrying too much about AIESEC work now, except that I have to work full fledged in TARC as a Musketeer and also as ICX Member once I go back. I really hope the EC and DG select someone really qualified for the ICX VP position. I hope they find someone, who will be able to give proper respect to the job and appreciate the landmark position that means so much to me.

TARC, Savar, BRAC University

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