TARC re-defined

TARC turned out not to be a very bad place after all. Because I know that once I am back in Dhaka, I will so engrossed with work and studies that I won’t get any break at all. So at the moment I am enjoying TARC to the fullest. Although you get to see the true faces of people in this place, and believe me not all of them turn out the way you have thought all along. In short, you get to know your true selves and others in this place. And the best part is that you get to meet new people and make friends…something I am good at doing.

Anyway, the reason why I am a bit excited today than before is that I got assigned as a Peer Team Leader, basically the job description doesn’t include something exclusive and it IS indeed a mediocre bargain when compared to what I used to do in Dhaka, but to exercise my leadership skills and my views to the higher authority through this position (although only for a week) is tempting enough for me.

Musketeers’ job has become very demanding because of the time difference in different regions and as the team members are from all over the globe, communication is a major factor here. Because of some technique difficulties, I couldn’t attend the full learning session of the Muskis. But I was able to submit my intro video and am now going through the materials Iris, our coordinator provided us with.

As I was complaining of the common occurances here in TARC, I realized that there is this certain person who cares a lot for me. Although she is thousands of miles away from  me, I know she cares a lot and a word of distress from me is enough to trigger her feelings no matter how much she denies her feelings. That person is Julie. I am really sorry that I treated her so immaturely whereas she gave her all to keep her promise of keeping track of me. At times I feel guilty for treating and expecting so much from her. But I do know that far away someone is there is cares a lot for me. And that feeling is priceless. Trust me 🙂


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