Love being a Muski and looking forward for more

When Jui Apu (LCVP Fin 0910) called me up randomly and told me to apply for the musketeers, I thought it was something like a formality because getting selected in the team was the last thing I had in mind, as I filled up the form and made my very first wiki in Days passed and I didn’t get any reply. Probably I messed up the form once again, was the only thought I had in mind (because I am famous for screw ups when I submit AIESEC forms).

When I got the reply from Iris, and opening the mail, I saw the words ‘AIESEC International’ written on it, I almost jumped off the chair! AI! Ever since returning from APXLDS 2010, Taiwan, and meeting Aman Jain I always used to joke to my LC members, ‘I’ll be the President of AIESEC International for the term of 2014-15’! Such a statement was taken as lightly as I said it. Because in AIESEC BD culture, an average AIESEC’ers carrier ends as soon as he/she ends their term as the MC and at most as the MC of a foreign MC (like in Tawseef Bhaiya’s case). So when I got selected in the Musketeers, I suddenly realized that in AIESEC, hard work always pays off and no matter what the outcome is, we will always end up with heaps of new learning and experiences.  ‘For the greater good’-for the first time, I realized the meaning of these words after AP.

Funny part was that I couldn’t even comprehend the significance of the position until I went to our Local Congress and everyone, specially our current EB team started congratulating me. ‘Muskis have their meeting at IC’- when Eshad bhai mentioned this, I had goose bumps all over my arms, and as later Jui apu mentioned it to the EB members of the other LC’s, they gaped in awe. IC IC IC! But later I verified with David, the AI AP Director, and he said that I am not legible for IC. It is indeed sad but being the youngest ever Bangladeshi to represent AIESEC BD in AI is something I take pride in. And in a MC of 150 members, I am the only one to be a part of AI! 😀

The induction of the Muskis has been going on smoothly so far. I have talked to some of the members and the amount of dedication and expectation from the team sort of matches with my one. So far, we are being assigned with challenges which we have to fulfill within a given time frame. The second level challenge allows me to orient myself in the new environment and will provide me with a “bird’s eye view” as Iris put it, on how my new role fits within the overall vision and operations of AIESEC.

Given with this post is my introductory video that I posted at the Global Musketeers Wiki



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