Ahh its a different feeling, sitting on my father’s chair in his office typing away on my laptop and ocassionally checking fb and msn messenger. I can hear the commentator mentioning how the ball is being passed in the spanish side, but this world cup has been a disappointment in some aspects since Spain could not display their usual offensive side. And I would be happy if Portugal proceeds since I think Spain doesnt deserve it. But since Spain have already scored and with the match at 80+ minutes, I think chances are slim.

I had a good day today with friends and alot of junk food. I saw Faria after a long time and although I know i will be meeting her soon, the fact that I cant meet her as much as I would have if I had stayed in Dhaka bugged me alot today. What the hell am II doing in TARC anyway? Faria is one sweetheart and she never fails to make me smile.


I never though I would mention her in my blog even 2years down the the lane when I first talked to her. But she became such a good friend of mine. Someone whom I can share everything. Someone who eagerly hears me out and doesn’t forget to give her own opinions. Someone who makes me feel wanted and important.

I know I am being vague once again here, but maybe I need a bit sleep. After all, its 2am in the morning now.

But she is one special person.

Since she came back to Bangladesh, I don’t know why but I miss her even more than I did when she was in US. I can never thank her enough for the support she was to me after the incident of April 2008, which left me completely shattered. I am sure I would have gone through that phase, but it wouldn’t have been so easy if she wasn’t around. I thank you once again Faria.


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