Friends and TARC

I remember my last night at home, as I lay on my bed thinking about the next 3months I will be spending in TARC. I got so used to all my friends and activities in Dhaka that I wasn’t looking forward to come to TARC. On the contrary, I was imagining how the next semester would be without all my usual stuff to do. Now, 67 days later, after I sit in front of a computer at the Rupantor building, there is not a single person in the lab whom I don’t know. Yes true I had my share of boredom and ups and downs, but I also admit staying in TARC, I got to know people, friends whom I would not have met otherwise.

Living in TARC, I got a taste of staying in dorms. Believe me when I am saying this, I am a person who is used to stay out of home and away for family for work or education. And although I miss my family here a lot, the friends I made here are no short of my family members now. Especially my dorm mates, who are always there, starting from lending me a pen to tucking me in bed when I have fever. I am sure I will miss the chats and the fun times I have every night after returning to the dorm. I am sure many share the same feelings for their respective dormitories. I can assure you that this is something which we will find ourselves recounting to our children or even grandchildren.

At times I find myself wandering aimlessly around the campus. Even someday I will miss the solitude because this is something that we can’t experience in Dhaka City amidst our hectic lives. I will miss my friends after I go back to Dhaka – Ovhik, Neaz, Yousha and others – who make my dorm life eventful either with the lame jokes we crack, or the leg-pulling, or the conversations we have about TARC, friends in Dhaka, life, daily events or sometimes even Global Warming and the Seven Wonders of the World (facilitated by Yousha). Although we come from different educational backgrounds and have different perspectives regarding issues, the pre-go-to-bed chats are something we all look forward to.

As the last few weeks of TARC semester is coming to an end, I have these realizations and flashbacks of all the good times I have experienced here. True that these are only one of the things that make my days eventful, but these friends are only one of the few things I will be taking with me to Dhaka when I leave TARC for good.


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