Irony of Life

I once read it in a book or maybe watched it on television that life gives us warnings; life gives us signals of future happenings. Life gives us the opportunity to see the future in our present life. It is us humans who are too pre-occupied to notice those signs.

Everyday we complain about life not giving us a break or a second chance. Everyday we regret about the fact how life could have been much better if we had the opportunity to set ‘certain’ things right. Everyday we pray that the next day would be a day with no mishaps or misfortunes. But life does warn us. It is us who never notice it.

But life is ironic. It jokes with us, plays with us, and then laughs on our face.

Then again who are we to complain?

Because life does gives us signals.

It is us who are too busy to notice them.


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