Thank you note for the TARC people

I was going through the 3000+ pictures in my laptop when I remembered how each one of you holds a special memory and maybe we were not really good friends, still I cherish the memories, no matter how special or unexceptional it is:

Yousha: Thank you for all the nice conversations we had. The hours we were locked up in the dorm were never dull with you there. And neither were the English classes. Also thanks for the huge and loving hugs.

Nabil: Thanks for being the only friend in TARC initially, when we didn’t know anyone.

Rezwan: Thanks for pairing up with me during the table tennis matches and the unusual yet hilarious moves you pulled off.

Sifat: Thanks for being a friend who was there for me when it seemed everyone had turned their backs against me.

Urmee: Thanks for being a Mongoloid and the only person in TARC whom I knew for more than 10 years.

Neaz: Thanks for being the person you are. You know you are the sexiest boy in TARC.

Ovhik: Thanks for being an awesome person who was there to hear me out and trying to solve my problems no matter how big or small it was.
The Installation Project
Ishika: Thanks for being a good friend and then my language partner. And thanks for not getting mad at me when I couldn’t split the bamboo sticks properly during the installation.

Eshita: Thanks for being the patient person who explained me everything I wanted to know no matter how stupid or complicated it was.

Mushi: Thanks for being the adorable person you are and for all the laughs we had. You are one special person 🙂

Shashi: Thank you or being the sister I never had.

Sarjana: Thanks for letting the whole TARC population know about the name ‘Ori-pori’ which eventually evolved into ‘owie-powie’.

Atef: Thanks for introducing me to the word, ‘Habby-joss’.

Nahid: Thanks for all the jokes you played on Bikash Sir without letting him realize that we were laughing at him. And thanks for your stunt with the bucket full of water on our last night.

Omar: Thanks for being the most decent guy for the dorm and maybe of RS 2010. Love you man, you rock.

Faheem: Thanks for calling me ‘Milkman’ and for making meal times full of laughter with your jokes.

Azmina: Thanks for being there during the Chinese classes and correcting my mistakes and for listening me out in times of stupidity or sadness.

Nahal: Thanks for saying – ‘Hey wassup?’ – every time you saw me.

Fahreen: Thanks for letting others know how much I am ticklish and making me run around the place.

Farah J: Thanks for all the random jokes we used to crack all the time and reminding me of our first semester back with Imran.

Shangu: Thanks for scaring the shit out of us the other night with your supernatural experience.

Choto Wasi: Thanks for taking all the great pictures.

Ratul: Thanks for calling me Redwan Vai and for being the younger brother at TARC.

Nameeza: Thanks for asking me random stuff about AIESEC.

Maliha: Thanks for being my head chef and a great friend.

Belal: Thanks for the immense support during the football match.

Salwa: Thanks for being my group member at the village visit and turning the boring day into a hilarious one.

Nafisa: Thanks for playing ‘Moment of Truth’ and for forcing me to face the other side of myself.

Mashruk: Thanks for being my group member in the HUM course, because if we hadn’t been in the same group, I wouldn’t have met such a great guy.

Sanjoy: Thanks for the Dipjol dance performances with your lungi.

Cynthi: Thanks for the awesome chocolate cake. I owe you one.

Akhila: Thanks for the weird looks you gave me and for the khichuri.

Nabeela: Thanks for being there and helping me out with things I wouldn’t have been able to solve by myself.

Oopma: Thanks for the huge circular hand waving thing.

Sakia: Thanks for being the sweetheart you are.

Shovon: Thanks for taking so many pictures of us doing stupid stuff and not uploading a single of them in facebook.

Leon: Thanks for all your attempts to present your innovative ideas to the HT for making TARC a better place but failing miserably.

Fahad: Thanks for being my roomie and telling me to clean up the mess I made.

Shams: Thanks for all the interesting talk about Wadu Kyo Karate. I learnt a lot about the style from you.

Farabi: Thanks for uploading my first picture in TARC and many more after that.

Shama: Thanks for resembling so much like Nabil and allowing me to tease you about that.

Xerxes: Thanks for making me familiar with penal codes and the different laws set by the High Court.

Nasiruddin: Thanks for initiating various conversations. With you at the dorm, the nights were always eventful, and full of fun.

Uzma: Thanks for being nice to me.

Zarin: Thanks for being nice to me with Uzma.

Thank you TARC, for giving me the opportunity to meet these great people, who make life beautiful. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Thank you note for the TARC people

  1. haha mushiness, tumi dekso? sorry onekdin check korina so took some time to approve the comment 😦 comment coming from the blogging guru makes me happy 😀

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