In a country where almost half the total area of the mainland is prone to floods, in a country where legendary poets like Kazi Nazrul Islam and the Nobel Laureate of Literature, Rabindranath Tagore wrote countless of poems….I believe it is pointless to even start to think about writing something different on the given topic. It has become sort of a tratidion where our mothers wipe our hair dry with towels when we come home after experiencing a downpour, and then sit in the veranda with a steaming cup of tea in hand and a couple of hot samosas on the plate resting on table.

As a child, I remember running to my mother whenever lightning struck. Rain brings back the fragrance of the yummy khichuri and the egg plant fries…I can’t help being poetic whenever I experience a rainy day. True it becomes irksome living in a busy and congested city like Dhaka, but there is a beauty and fulfillment that rain brings to me every time I experience it.

I just love the sudden wind… blowing hard, bringing with it clouds of dust, dry leaves and a sweet smell of wet soil. The sky rumbles with occasional thunder and then as suddenly as it started, it stops. The stillness that follows is something even the greats have failed to convey with words, who am I to even try? Starting from a slight drizzle, the raindrops gradually become bigger and more frequent. There is an old saying that you can’t keep dry in the rain of Bengal, and believe me, you shouldn’t. Because it is something that can never be experienced by reading or by just viewing. It is something that you have to be a part of. When the first drops of rain touch the skin, you get an unmatched thrill and joy. I don’t know about others, but I experience the same childish enthusiasm when I notice the small beads of water falling from the Heavens above.

The holy Quran says that the rain is a gift from Allah himself and that we should never offend it, because it would be like offending Allah Himself. Even you are not a religious person, this is something you should not miss. Rain is the symbol of happiness and freedom and openness to me. It makes me realize that I am just a puny subject in this vast universe and that rain is one of the most beautiful gifts that nature has granted us. Rain brings back memories of my childhood, when I didn’t have to care or worry about anything. So in a way, rain brings back the memories of the past. Everyone wants to relive those cherished moments….don’t you??


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