Never growing up

you’re like a child that cries
and no one heeds the crying
you’re like a star that dies
and seems to keep on dying
when no one cares
and the phone never rings
the nights are endless things

The fear of losing loved ones has been a constant companion of mine since childhood. As you know things have been very difficult from the very beginning for me. It is always tough making good friends, and even tougher to make friends who last a life time. And even more tougher to find someone who will always be there through thick and thin. But human nature and habitat changes along with time. I can never say that I am still the 8 years old boy who thought life is just about having a happy family and getting a good job, and unless I get good grades, I can have neither of them. But the definition of life changed as time passed and I grew up. A change is always welcome.

Sometimes, when we care and love a person, we tend to grow attached to them really easily and make them a part of your life. I am glad I have a lot of people in mine with whom I can be myself without even the slightest obligation. Who make me happy being the person I am. Who make me happy despite the fact that you never get what you deserve. Who make me happy, sometimes with a smile, a hug or even a soft pat on the shoulder. Who make you feel happy, by hearing you out when you are angry or sad or just plain stupid.

These people make the core of my heart, and my existence. Being with them makes me happy, it is what that makes life worthwhile. I know I sound poetic but this is my blog and I can write anything over here. 😛

So what happens when these people are not around? When they are not there to comfort you in time of need? This is the reason why I mentioned people changing and the fear of losing loved ones that I always had. We lose our loved ones when they think that we are too old or mature to take care of ourselves. What they don’t realize is that, no matter how old we become, deep down inside I am still the same boy who loves to complain, to chat, to joke, and practically like life with his sister. No matter how accomplished I am or whoever I am with, I will always come back to my loved ones, specially my sister. For advice, for comfort, for love-which can never be matched with anything else in this world.

I am a person who is contented with the very little things I get in life. And as a person whom I love a LOT always say,

You will only be hurt a finite number of times during your life. You have an infinite number of ways to deal with it……

I would like to add:

…….but an immensely small number of people who will bother to take that extra step to actually sit by your side.


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