The confession of a very angry boy

Emotions make us weak. This phrase might seem a bit text-bookish, but yet it is true. People who know me know me as a man of word. I believe that a word from one’s mouth is really important because it can never be taken back. Thus I never talk trash. I think about future consequences alot and the impact one’s feelings makes in another’s life. That’s why I mean every word I say.

Being close to someone makes you depend on them. Makes you attached to the person, in such a strong bond that is it really difficult to break free from it. My words might seem coming from a person who just got dumped by his girlfriend. But no. Life is too short to ramble about insignificant temporary things like romantic relationships. We should cling to what relationships we already have instead of the ones we might have in the future.

And now I feel stupid. Because I forgot what I was talking about :S


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