Why you should always look where you are walking!

When walking on the streets of Dhaka, watch out for two things:

(1) manholes without any lids
(2) a crow sitting on an electric cable above

-that’s what I learnt since I was a kid. But today the list got just a bit bigger.

Check what you are wearing before you leave the house! And why the hell do the City Corporation people have to make the pavements so smooth?

Just a couple of weeks back, Farah and I were hanging out in Dhanmondi Road 27, when I decided to show her the Haunted Flat (more info coming soon regarding this issue!!!). We were walking on the pavement, and our eyes were fixed on the 2nd floor of the building while I told her spooky stories about the house (ofcourse I was wearing my super smooth belt sandals!)…when suddenly, I felt the ground move away from beneath my feet and I fell, bum first on the ground. At first I just saw some bright stars and then felt a sharp pain in my waist. Farah didn’t spare any mercy as she started laughing and saying something which I do not want to share here! 😐

And the next incident took place just a couple of hours back. Same situation, just this time with Mashruk and Shashi. BAAM! I fall down, on my knees this time. And scrap it, though how much I have no idea. Came home, washed the cut, and put some after shave on it. I guess my grandma woke her from her sleep from 2 stories downstairs.

Moral of the story:
Do not wear sandals with extra smooth soles. They are comfortable and good for the feet, but there doesn’t guarantee safety of the rest of the body parts.


3 thoughts on “Why you should always look where you are walking!

  1. that’s Dhaka welcoming you…….. LOL………. when did you come back……… and you didn’t break a bone or two did you??? my uncle returned from india a few days ago and on his way back a car ran over his feet………. [ran over his feet not his leg]……… so he came back with a broken foot

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