Getting rid of baggages

Guess I didn’t have to wait till my 30’s to pile up baggages. The dictionary says that the word ‘baggages’ is not spelled correctly, and not an actual word and thus the word has the orange wriggly lines beneath it. But it like to write it the way it sounds, or should sound :s

Anyway getting back to what I was initially saying, a person manifests an emotional baggage in his mind when he goes through extreme emotional adventures, or something that holds a part of him back. Being blessed as a person who tends to ‘over-stress’ over small matters and then keep thinking about those stuff over and over again until I literally turn myself crazy. Yes, it might sound that I am exaggerating but I am not actually.

So there I was, being myself when I picked a fight with a friend. I started overlooking the fight and decided to take a break when I realized-I just got myself a baggage. And that baggage followed me wherever I went….until I got the call that set everything back to its original state.

At times, baggages might seem to be too heavy to let go. But you will be surprised how easy it is to get rid of them.


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