The One Who Makes You Smile

I love the novels of Nicholas Sparks for 3main reasons: they are love stories, they make you discover yourself and the third reason is-they are so related to our own lives. I remember I once shared a message in facebook explaining that we make our lives complicated by overthinking and not taking the easy way out-confrontation. Although at that precise moment I did convince myself that I will be following it in the days to come, I never got to start it in the first place. Old, bad and irritating habits take time to die.

Which brings me to the topic on which I started writing this piece in the first place. This is a self realization note, and like many other previous ones, I am going to share a learning that I came across.

Sometimes it is not worth pondering about what to say after you make that long awaited call, it is much easier to just pick the phone up and say ‘Hi, how are you?’

Sometimes, it is not worth the trouble of thinking what to talk about instead just start off explaining how your day went. The person on the side obviously cares, or wouldn’t have taken random small talk from you.

Sometimes, it is better off just to blurt out the random string of words that come to your mind instead of arranging your feelings to make it sound better.

Sometimes, it is better off just to be yourself, because the person on the other side knows what’s wrong even when you say there isn’t any.

I am glad that I have a friend with whom, all the above (and more that I can’t think of right now) applies. If you ask me, everyone should have a person in life with whom you don’t have to bargain, reconsider or plan before saying something. There is always someone with whom you can just be yourself. I am glad I know a person like that, and at times, you do need to let yourself go on.

Because there are times, when you realize that there’s something that’s holding you back.

And that person makes you realize, you are the person.


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