It has been a couple of weeks since Mashruk and I had this conversation about starting a blog on the different locations of Dhaka with cool pictures. I even thought of starting a food blog of my own 😛 So far, total number of new blogs: ZERO (0).

SO now I start a fresh post again, about Nilkhet. For those who know me, I have been a regular visitor of Islamia Market for the last 12years, ever since it struck me that reading books is fun, and that it’s not an inexpensive hobby either [see how I avoided negative use of the word]. And thus began my journey of collecting books which now stands at a number of around 500.

And then I heard about JCC selling comic books in Dhaka, which reminded me of the days when the Batpod used to tear out of a fake foliage and of the theme song, ‘Batmaaaaaan….NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA…….Batman!’ With most comics at Tk. 70, 100, 150 and the Trade Paperbacks at Tk. 300-2000, after a while it started pinching my wallet yet again.

Old School Biatches!

That’s when it struck me, ‘Hey…Nilkhet’. And there I was the next day bargaining my head off with the Nilket shopkeepers where I brought 20comic books at Tk. 800 which included Batman, Spiderman, Archies, Conan the Barbarian and Superman. Oh and I also managed to get some copies of the Scooby Doo Adventures.

Word of Advice:
* Some of the books are a bit tattered and some are almost in mint condition. So stop complaining. Page number 8 of Superman#138 looks like it was puked on. But you will get them at half the price so stop complaining.
* They do not come in plastic bags and make sure you check all the pages [some have a couple of pages missing here and there]
*Enjoy 😀


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