[1, 2012] The first post of 2012

So here I begin writing the first post of the new year. There were quite a lot of things I promised myself that I would be doing this year, and I guess posting in my personal blog every week was one of them. Some of the rest are listed below because I can’t remember most at 1:53AM in the morning:

(1) Start a Food Blog [for those who know me personally, you know why]
(2) Visit and rediscover Dhaka [total new visits till now-0]
(3) Increase my CGPA.
(4) Become rich.
(5) Continue Karate.

I really don’t know the exact reason why, but I have a feeling that 2012 will be a good year for me. I believe starting the year with a positive vibe is going to pay off later.

As for today, I am glad I met Faria before she left for States. I realized that saying goodbye is tougher than you imagine it to be. Although this was the 3rd time I was bidding goodbye to her with the thought that I wouldn’t be seeing her for the next 1year, and although we didn’t spend much time together, I couldn’t prevent my voice from faltering. There is a saying that a true friend is always there no matter what. And she is one of them.


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