[2, 2012] when university kicks you back

So much for my posting every week.

I figured I have to write once every week to complete the 52 posts milestone that I have set for 2012.

So, the month of January makes me realize of my years as an O’levels and A’levels student. For those who don’t know, I am basically from Science background though I am studying Economics as my major in BRAC University, which happens to be one of the best private universities of Bangladesh ( my reason for enrolling in this specific university, BRAC=the largest NGO in the world, and thus more Brand Value and possibility for working in BRAC-the organization itself some day ).

This year, my younger brother (by 4years) completed his O’levels. Him and I share a few common traits, not paying attention properly is one of them, and it makes us both pay heavily at times. I remember during my high school years, all that mattered to me was getting straight A’s, because I believed in a common belief : ‘If you don’t get good grades, you won’t get into a good university’. But they forgot to tell me, that I would be fighting with 1 million other fresh high school graduates to get into the the ‘good’ universities which will be accepting only the best 2500 students. And that I would be counted in the latter group and will have to squeeze into a public university where I would have to pay loads of cash for my under graduate degree.

Well things usually sound worse that they are. BRACU usually enrolls around 500 people every semester, which means 1500 new students every year. And with 4 academic years required to complete undergraduate in BRACU, the total number of students in BRACU stands at 6000+. With two buildings, and a total of 18 stories of classrooms to accommodate these students, BRACU tends to become very stuffy at times. But this semester (Spring 2012), BRACU broke all previous records by enrolling 900+ students in one single semester. This has made the already small university more stuffier, not to tell the hordes of students walking to and fro in the corridors between classes, and the cafeteria has reached its bursting point. I remember a time when the cafe used to be half empty most of the time, and now we have to wait for an empty chair to find.

This semester particularly will be a challenge itself on the grounds of studies, because some of the course teachers follow the ‘self-teach’ method, where they just skim through the chapter’s key points, and expect us to understand things ourselves. What’s the point of paying our fees if we have to teach ourselves?

Still, I am a person who looks for silver linings in even the worst of situations, and I believe with the strict rule of kicking students out who don’t perform well in exams will restore the university’s former glory. Or else God help the 19 story building from collapsing.


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