[12, 2012] Batman: The Man Who Laughs

As you might have noticed already, I used the title of the comic book itself instead of making up a new one for the blog post. And the reason behind it is, the title itself IS THAT GOOD!

I consider myself a huge Batman fan, and though I have a lot of single issues, Trade Paper Backs (TPBs) are something that I haven’t got many, one of the main reasons is that I usually have that much coin in my pocket.

The Man Who Laughs is one book that I have been planning to buy for a very long time. But with mixed reviews in different sites, I began to ponder my decision. So here’s a bit of advise: ‘NEVER GO FOR CRITICS AND THEN DECIDE WHAT TO READ AND WHAT NOT’

Luckily the other day I met Kamal Bhai of Warfaze, who said, ‘A collection without this comic book is incomplete’. 2days later I was the owner of the book, and 5days later, I have finished reading it.

And I have one word for it, ‘It’s AWESOME’.
Ok sorry those were two words.

This book shows Batman as we know him to be, and his first encounter with the Joker. The Prince of Gotham, who has taken the mantle of the caped crusader after the brutal murder of his parents satisfies himself by cleaning the filth of the city – rapist, murderers, drug peddlers, thugs. He realizes that the city is a constant generator of crime, but always comes to the aid of Gotham and Officer James Gordon. He takes on everything that’s thrown at him because he understands the criminal mind. But the problem is, the Joker is not just any thug.

The Joker has been portrayed by many actors in past and recent times. Some showed the Joker as something short of a clown, with acid stored in a flower, ready to be used as a weapon, while others showed him as the sick psychopath he really is – the Heath Ledger Joker for instance, which to me, is and will be the best Joker there ever was and will be. And the best part is, The Man Who Laughs Joker is exactly the one which Mr. Ledger portrayed in the movie, ‘Batman: The Dark Knight’.

Crazy, unpredictable, unreasonable with no sense of regret, a person who causes terror just for the sake of it, without any objective of profit. Simply a man, who believes the world should suffer. No one stood up for him when he was wronged, so they should share his fate as well. An ideology that makes him an unique, yet dangerous individual. As Alfred puts it, ‘A man who just wants to see the world burn’.

I won’t be going into the details of the book, but if you are a Batman fan, this book is a must read.


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