My Joes

Some of my friends give me a look of surprise and exasperation when they witness me ‘blowing’ my money on toys. “Tk1000 (around $12) on just a small toy?? And you don’t even play with them these days” – that’s the standard reaction I usually get.

So what IS actually the utility I get from these toys? Although there are many reasons, but I would explain the most important one – because it is a part of my childhood. They are one of the few things that I can still recall as a child, along with my mother singing me songs.

Back in the early 90’s, my dad occasionally used to buy me Funskool G.I.Joes on my way home from school. They cost around Tk. 30-40 (which is 1/10 the price we pay these days), and by the time I was 6yrs old, I had a troop of around 60 Joes. They were like my own personal army……ready to serve me.

This brings me to two sad incidents which still saddens me, even today. The first one was back in 1993, during my trip to Cox Bazar. I had made a sand castle and had perched Quicklegs and Storm Shadow on it. It suddenly started raining, and unconsciously, I ran to my mother leaving my Joes behind. A huge wave came crashing down on my castle, washing away all the sand, including two of my first Joes……even after 19years have passed since the incident, I can’t help but feel sad about them. And the saddest part is, even after years of searching, I couldn’t find those two specific pieces.

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The second incident was actually a long period of time that included my younger brother, when he was growing up, and took the liberty of ripping out the limbs of my Joes, piece by piece. I will never forgive him for that…and someday when he works, I will ask for compensation. But the good news is, I was able to dig out 12 survivors from the carnage and thus resumed my collection. A happy ending.

So all in all, my toys reminds me of the good old days when school ended at 12 and then the rest of the day was dedicated to naps and watching cartoon shows or playing with my brother. Plus they are still very very cool. 🙂


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