What You Are Inside Only Matters Because of What It Makes You Do

Couple of minutes back, I got a call from an unknown number, asking me for my name and location (which is not something unusual from the part of the world I come from since we tend to mix up digits and end up calling strangers, or for the simple fact many of us seem to give change their number and give away their old SIM cards as relief goods). Anyway back to my narration. So the caller asked for my name, so I naturally asked his since he was the one calling. He gave his name and where he works, and although it took me a bit of time to recall, but I remembered that I once faced some problems using my debit card at an ATM booth, and the guard took my number. I got my card back, and many months went by, and yet the guy bothered to call me simply because ‘my number was saved in his phone with no name’ and he thought that ‘maybe it was important’.


Now this might be seem like just a nice gesture, something that happens once in a while and makes us realize, ‘Hey! There are good people out there!’ But it got me thinking. Every once in a while, we all say ‘I am a nice person. Why is this happening to me?’ This is happening because the rain is supposed to fall. Just because you are nice doesn’t mean it will spare you and you won’t get drenched. Either adapt to it or stop complaining. The world is only interested to know what you have to offer. Some of us are good photographers, some are good at fixing mechanical appliances….your presence is only worth what you can offer to others. We all have an assigned function.


So do something, anything new you want to try out. Learn how to cook. Can’t afford cooking lessons? Use Google and Youtube! Millions of children dying in Africa due to starvation?? Go to the nearest orphanage and spend an hour or two with the children. It might not be a huge achievement for you, but it will help someone else, one way or the other. Thinking about it and not doing anything isn’t worth half a rat’s ass. Image


Christian Bale once said “It’s not who I am outside, but what I do defines me. So if you don’t agree with me, at least listen to Batman (No no no, not Affleck).


There is nothing called, ‘I will be there in spirit’.  Just be there.


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