Talking about Islam: Social media and popular discourse

Check this out brilliant piece by my friend!


Recently, I got involved in a heated argument about Islam and the Muslim world on Facebook, that quickly turned vicious and ended up lasting for several hours. To say I “got involved” would be a little dishonest – I did start it, one way or another, and I shouldn’t be surprised at the response. Since I began teaching I have tried very hard to avoid engaging with religious issues directly unless it was strictly relevant to my class, and so far I have managed to survive. Everyone is also well aware of how bitter and pointless talking about religion on social media can become – the standard policy is to either avoid it, or to engage with a novel’s worth of disclaimers added on. My post yesterday did neither. The results were predictable.

Since then, many have told me, directly or otherwise, that these posts and the havoc they create…

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